• Paragliding - Tandem flights
  • Paragliding - Tandem flights

    Paragliding - Tandem flights

    Tandem flights are the best and easiest way to get to know someone paragliding.

    Lefkada Paragliding

Lefkada Paragliding

Bird's View

"Ever since Ancient times the man has wanted to fly like a bird and see the word from high. We have all heard stories like Icarus with the feathered sandals of Hermes."

Now this dream is coming true with paragliding or tandem. Paragliding is the simplest direct and handy flying equipment. It was first appeared in the middle 80s and it was used mainly by climbers. Up until now it has been developed a lot and has been gaining more and more fans making paragliding the most popular machine.

The paragliding equipment includes the main parachute (that you are flying), the spare parachute, the seat, the equipment and of course the helmet. One basic advantage is the little space that the paragliding equipment takes and it makes it easier to carry.The modern paragliding combines the safety with the high performance. Just like all flying machines, paragliding has rules and regulations that should be abode by and are internationally recognized. Whoever wants to do this sport - hobby must be aware that his life will change a lot and he will get to know a new world with new pictures and make new friends.

For those who want to get into the magic world of paragliding Bird's View wishes you "Good Flights".!

  • Tandem Flights Booking Card
  • Tandem Flights Booking Card

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Tandem flights is the best and easiest way to get to know paragliding.

If you want to feel a unique experience and see the world through the eyes of a bird come to us to the Bird's View. Tandem flights take place in beautiful Lefkada with a view of Ionian Sea. Bird's View Lefkada paragliding provides experienced pilots and modern paragliding equipment. Come to us, relax and enjoy a ride over the sea and the beautiful beaches of Lefkada. The only thing we want from you is to... run a few steps to take off. You won't understand when you're in the air.

Lefkada Paragliding

In Lefkada there are two places for a takeoff. The lower (130 meters of an altitude) and the higher (650 meters of an altitude). The lower point is over the beach "Kathisma" and is ideal for beginners. The higher point is in a place called "Exanthia" and it is for the most dare.The view is magnificent and there is the possibility for some maneuvers that will surely rise your adrenaline. This particularly flight is arranged with the pilot and depends on the weather conditions (the speed of wind, the direction of the wind) in the surrounding area.

tandem fligts lefkada map

Tandem Flights - Paragliding Equipment

The equipment for the tandem flights is consisted of the main parachute that the pilot is using, the helmet, the pilots seat (the spare one that is inside the pilot's seat) and the customer's seat where you can sit comfortably to enjoy the flight

During the flight we can do some maneuvers and acrobatics always according to your opinion to rise your ...adrenaline. Together you can have a digital camera with a selfie stick (we can also provide you with a camera and lend you an SD card) so to record this lifetime experience and share it with your friends and remember it.


Triantafyllos Kravartogiannos - CIVL ID 28705 15 years of experience, 700 hours competition and (XC) distance, 4.500 two-seater flights, member of the National Team2014 and API PG PRO TANDEM.

We will be glad to meet you and do whatever possible so that you can enjoy your holidays with the most flight hours possible.!

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Come to Lefkada to fly together!


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